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Today's women are confident. Today's women are strong. Today's women know their worth. And,  today's women make their own decisions. 

On a recent trip to Marco Island, Florida, a very conservative destination, I noticed half of all women on the beach were wearing cheeky bikinis. It was inspiring to see women into their 50’s with enough confidence to walk down the beach wearing cheeky bottoms. 

If you have confidence, if you love your body, if you are proud of all your hard work, then by all means, strut your stuff!!  




We live in an age where women never feel like they are  good enough or measure up. We tend to compare ourselves to others and look for where we think we fall short.  Once we believe in, and love ourselves, confidence follows. It's infectious! Confidence is self love. When you love yourself, you will  truly be unstoppable. 


Here’s a funny story to show how much the cheeky style is taking over: A store on Cape Cod, chose not to carry Molly J Swim last summer because they didn’t think the cheeky styles would sell. Well, the trend has taken off and this summer they are joining the Molly J team and will be carrying our cheeky styles (they didn’t even want the full coverage styles we added to the collection!)! Their buyer agrees that this trend is what sells, what girls want and that cheeky styles are the most flattering to a woman's backside (no matter the size!). 


So basically, the East Coast is now adopting this HOT trend! 


What's frustrating are people who sexualize this trend and make it about women "flaunting themselves." Think about the evolution of swimwear from the dress-like style suits of the 1800's when modesty was a requirement and women were not even allowed to speak to a man without another married woman in the room to the 1930's when one piece swimsuits evolved as women continued to enter the work force. Come full circle to 2018 where women have found their voice and are not backing down. Women of today are the voice of tomorrow.



Lets teach our girls confidence. Lets teach girls about self love. Lets teach girls that they can be anything they want to be. Lets teach girls that they don’t have to cover every inch of their body to be respected.  The design of your swimwear should be a choice and that choice should be respected no matter what.


I recently found an article on HerCampus that was so well written. The question arose about a child at the beach seeing a woman in a cheeky bikini (and cheeky isn’t a thong people, lets just get that straight)  This was her response: “I’d have to argue that little kids don’t really care about what the women of today are wearing to the beach. Something that is far more detrimental, however, is an adult or guardian’s perception towards what a girl is wearing. {...} Which is primarily what I’m worried about here. Self-respect or dignity isn’t printed on the tag of my swimsuit bottoms. That’s something in my very core, that isn’t visible to the naked eye. It bleeds out after time, sure, but to make a split second judgement on a woman just because she wants a nice tan line is completely irresponsible.”




I couldn’t agree more with the statements in this article. Why would you want to teach your child to judge someone without knowing them and to shame them for what they are wearing whether you agree with it or not. 


I was reading Health Magazinethe other day and came across an article on Brook Shields. Health Magazine was asking her about her daughters and this was her response: 


How do you talk to your daughters about healthy body image?

"I will say that they both think they look fabulous, and it’s so great to watch them primp and preen and look at their bodies. The part of it I appreciate is that I never celebrated myself or my body. It felt indulgent or wrong, so there was a disconnect. I was wearing a bathing suit over the summer—I always wear bathing suits that cover everything, the bottoms in particular—and my older daughter said, "You know what? You cannot wear that bottom. It goes all the way under your butt and [makes it look] so much bigger." And I said, "I’m not gonna have my ass hanging out!" And she goes, "You know what? You are." So she finds me a new bathing suit, where that whole little shelf was out, and I was horrified, but my husband said, "That bathing suit looks great. Rowan’s right. If you show a little bit more, it’s actually more flattering." So, I had to learn from her. She said, "Mom, face it, you’ve got a great butt. I don’t know why you try to hide it." And that type of validation is a big deal for me, because in the next breath, she hates me."


I loved Brook’s comments because it shows that even a super model in her 50’s sometimes still needs a little confidence boost.  


In conclusion: swimwear styles, fashion and women have evolved for centuries and will continue to do so. Molly J Swimwear, at it's core, wants to spread a message of kindness, positivity and respect for each other. Go cheeky or don't, but always love those who have!

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