Why Everyone Needs to Try the Cheeky Bikini Bottom

Finally! The cheeky bikini bottom trend is spreading all over America! Over the past few years, more and more companies have been selling cheeky bikinis in America, and they are flying off the shelves! It’s clear that this isn't just a fad or a trend, this is a style that’s here to stay! 

If you have never tried the cheeky style before, let me give you a few reasons why you should!


1. Just take a chance!

Some women are afraid of this trend. But why?! We need to stop being so hard on ourselves and love our bodies just the way they are! The cheeky bikini style is actually proven to make your butt look better and slimmer. So if you are nervous about showing more skin, why not give it a try? It's all about confidence. 


2. Tan lines!

Who really wants their whole butt to be white?! Get some sun on those cheeks! Even if you are just tanning in your back yard, you will feel much better with an even tan!


3. Full coverage bottoms cause “Diaper Butt”

Diaper butt is just not attractive. Especially as an adult. Diaper butt is when your full coverage bottoms are so saggy that it makes you look like your are wearing an adult diaper! Why would anyone be wearing a diaper to the beach! This is where the cheeky bottoms come in to play! Cheeky bottoms look like they actually fit your body, which is much more appealing. 


4. Cheeky bottoms have a slimming effect!

Even though we all should love our bodies no matter what, wearing something that makes you look more slim shouldn't be a crime! If we know that full coverage bottoms make us look bigger, and cheeky bottoms make us look slimmer, isn't it a no brainer?! 


5. Cheeky cuts work for all body shapes!

Whether you have a small, large, or nonexistent butt, the cheeky cut complements every shape and size! Cheeky cut bottoms are much more supportive than full coverage. They hug your cheeks just right and give them a little lift!! (and who’s booty doesn't need a little lift?!) Along with being more supportive, they accentuate your curves and roundness of your bum!     


6. The scrunch butt style is anti wedgie!

If you are someone who likes to play beach games or be more active, the scrunch butt style is perfect for you because it is anti wedgie!

Once you try on the cheeky bottom style, you will never want to go back to full coverage! I know I never want to! Be proud of your curves and show them off in the most flattering way! We need to stop thinking that cheeky bottoms are “scandalous” because they really aren’t. Don't be afraid to love your body! We are all beautiful in our own ways. 


If you don't think your ready for the cheeky cut yet, just give it a try! It might surprise you. And hey, it could even encourage you to do a few more squats! I am all for promoting a healthy lifestyle! :) 


In the end, it’s all about how you feel and what makes you feel beautiful, but I hope you remember that you ARE beautiful, and no bikini bottoms should make you feel otherwise.  


Let’s make this summer bootyfull!

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