We are not merely travelers, 
We are the navigators of our own destiny.
Molly chose the compass rose for the logo of Molly J Swimwear due to its empowering meaning. #MollyJGirls know what they want in life. They are confident and beautiful women. These ladies inspire others to be the best version of themselves!

Molly J Swimwear is a luxury swimwear brand that embodies sophistication in its designs. Molly J carefully selects the highest quality fabrics and designs each suit with details that set her styles apart from other brands in the luxury swimwear market. Molly's use of color pallets, textures and embellishments create classy yet beautiful suits that make her customers stand out in a crowd. When you see the gold compass rose on the back of a suit, you know it's a Molly J bikini!  Molly J Swim's clientele are smart, strong, confident women who know what they want and go after it. Molly J loves spreading her message that we can all "navigate our own destiny" and each and every Molly J swimsuit is a testimonial to her own journey.